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Program Standards

Automobile Program Standards

New 2022 Auto Program Standards & Forms are now available.

Auto Program Standards – 2022

Auto Tools and Equipment - 2022

Auto Task Lists - 2022

Auto Program Evaluation Form – 2022

Auto Summary of Changes – 2022

Collision Repair & Refinish Program Standards

New Collision Program Standards & Forms were released January 1, 2022.

Collision Summary of Changes - 2021

Collision Tools and Equipment - 2021

Collision Task Lists- 2021

Collision Program Standards -2022

Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Program Standards

New Truck Program Standards & Forms were released January 1, 2022.

Truck Summary of Changes - 2018

Tools and Equipment - 2018

Truck Task Lists - 2018

Truck Program Standards -2022

Accreditation Forms

Advisory Committee

Mentor/Intern Training (AYES)

Scholarship/Tool Plan

Scholarship Opportunities
Visit Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Central to learn about a variety of scholarship opportunities that can be found through the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS), and more than 20 additional organizations.

SEMA Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness

Open to post-secondary program incoming freshmen, continuing, part-time and transfer students Get the details here: - the deadline to apply is March 1st.

Snap-on/AYES Tool Plan – Available ONLY to ASE Education Foundation students.
Student Excellence Program (SEP) The Snap-on “Student Excellence Program” is a national program available to students enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary automotive class. To participate, students enroll in the program through the Snap-on website. Once a student enrolls they are eligible to purchase tools, through the website or through their local Snap-on Industrial Representative, for a discounted price. Restrictions apply to prevent abuse of the program, such as a limit to total purchases ($7,500) and a limit of one of each set per student. This discount IS NOT available through the “white truck” sellers. Also, the Student Starter Set is a much more substantial discount than the student would receive buying the same tools through the SEP program. In summary, interns can register for this program and use it to supplement their Student Starter Set. Complete details on the program can be found at

Snap-on Contacts
Direct specific questions about orders/delivery issues to:
The School Group
Phone: (877) 740-1900

For direct general questions, please contact:
Industrial Customer Service

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